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Stationery market competition to promote the development of precise positioning

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Stationery market competition to promote the development of precise positioning

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With the changing stationery market in recent years, the company's stationery market structure is also quietly changing. Stationery industry no longer large comprehensive stationery enterprises dominate the market, with the diversification requirements stationery, stationery manufacturers in some individual products began identify the market position, by copying, design and establish a unique brand, to seek their own characteristics in the fierce stationery market, and slowly find their foothold.
Consumer demand appears to promote new brands
With the market looking for the changing stationery, stationery, stationery consumer product quality, design and service company attaches great importance to comprehensive type of stationery manufacturing enterprises often many kinds of stationery products, but do not provide the ultimate, so consumers have a more professional look for the transformation of the brand. This also allows a single product in the stationery business began to grow rapidly, thus contributing to the rise of new brands. With their distinctive characteristics to actively seize the market.
If the dealer does not easily recognized as stationery single type of stationery business, the terminal consumers just to promote this trend by developing e-commerce platform. In the past, the traditional stationery sales only through final delivery to the dealer's purchases of their products to consumers, more dealers do not want to separate products in a single enterprise cooperation, because of the relatively small profits, but now the development of e-commerce so that consumers can better buying directly from the manufacturers, but also to the birth of this model more and more attention from the development of a single dealer products enterprises.
Stationery new forces looking for market niches
Stationery in a relatively saturated market, model innovation is the primary way to small and medium sized company stationery rise. E-commerce is undoubtedly a dark horse in many industries, it is to influence the spread of low-cost type of industries is rapidly becoming the development direction of new channels. Whether traditional B2B business platform, or the progressive development of the mobile device market. Now in the fierce competition, survival of the fittest stationery market, companies are making policy adjustments, to find their own positioning, new way.