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Stationery and a dark horse "three exhibition linkage" sparked big changes

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Stationery and a dark horse "three exhibition linkage" sparked big changes

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In October 2015, it launched a set of step "three exhibition Interaction" exhibition program, from October 13 to October 17, he has participated in Changshu, Jiangsu Province Han Ma product launches, Paperworld China Stationery Show in Frankfurt, the ninth China (Zhuhai) international Exhibition of three high-end printing supplies exhibition.
Five days three high-density development, high-frequency exhibitors in the industry and even within many cross is unprecedented, set Mai generous drew many well-known brand of stationery attention from domestic brands dawn, concerted, effective until foreign brand Mitsubishi, zebra, etc., are all competing consultation to understand. Visible as "Internet + Stationery" a first step it's set unusual appeal.
The most advanced office stationery vertical B2B platform market beachhead
In addition to the high-frequency attend the show, set it shook Mai stationery market core business model is the most innovative B2B polyethylene electronic business platform advantage.
What sets Mai office stationery vertical B2B business model, the "suppliers → Manufacturers → Dealer → Consumer" each chain closely linked. The entire supply chain from the creation of added value is a value to be realized in the process, from the production, distribution to retail terminal resources fully integrated, not only enhances the network's service capabilities help customers get more value added opportunity to help businesses directly act as a seller role, allowing the manufacturer to get more profits, so that more money into technology and product innovation, and ultimately benefit consumers.
Most innovative investment model champion
With "Let the world business office more easily," the aura, it introduced a unique set of step investment model - micro distribution. 0 real risk-free threshold, all the people involved.
After applying to become members of the micro-distribution step it set the platform, the system automatically assigns a unique micro-distribution of two-dimensional code. This recommended a two-dimensional code successfully registered customers receive 5 yuan in cash envelopes orders over 300 customers succeed then get a commission of 20 yuan! This incentive can help brands fast Distribution, 0 cost of building the sales team.
Faced with fierce competition in the stationery market, especially in the domestic status quo yet stationery vertical electric providers with a unique, advanced business models to attract consumers to have equal consumption of magic. What sets Mai "Internet + Stationery" The new model will be to lead the domestic market the most advanced office stationery business concept, causing a new round of domestic market volatility.