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"Stationery market" when it can be reassuring?

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"Stationery market" when it can be reassuring?

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Went to school season a year, August 31, Jiangsu Province Bureau of Quality Supervision issued a stationery product quality analysis of the 2015 report: The results showed that, pens, erasers, correction fluid, commonly detected in plasticizers, residual organic solvents and halogenated hydrocarbons Wait. Among them, the study confirmed that phthalates are playing a role similar to estrogen, can cause the boy "feminine" and girls "precocious." (September 1 China News Network)
Frankly speaking, China's stationery market has actually been not so reassuring, before and after school almost every year, many parts of the regulatory authorities and the media are especially concerned about the quality of all kinds of stationery on the market situation, but from the news reports, results We are not optimistic.
Because stationery used is not particularly popular, mostly limited to groups of students, and it is also not essential to human survival as food, so the quality stationery, it is not for adults widespread attention. As some friends said, "I was a child with a quality stationery no more poor? I do not have nothing?" "The children will not eat and stationery, where so serious?"
While we should expect a lot of this world in terms of quality problems can not be isolated. When the quality of air, food have been significantly different from the past, when the moment many people need to confront the outside world harmful substances, then the same unqualified school supplies, when the extent of damage to the human body actually will become more important; on the other hand, people's quality of life and physical fitness are always more and more attention, especially the children to use something, the need to minimize the negative impact. Stationery and harmful substances, the child's body caused by chronic threat, if not sudden illness, but also inevitably change imperceptibly. More importantly, in addition to harmful substances, some stationery design problems, but also lead to fatal accidents. For example, he pointed scissors are likely to hurt the child's body, easy to fall off the cap or no ventilation holes are choking may occur in children bite when, in reality, many of them similar stories.
So, do not underestimate the quality stationery. The current failure was traced to a variety of stationery reason still rampant market, mainly because there is no cause regulatory authorities, parents and even students themselves attention. On the one hand, large and small stationery manufacturers did not get proper regulatory and product quality inspection, we produced a large number of low-end products to cut corners, but these products were sent to schools around the same lack of discipline and human oversight system a small shop selling, dispersed and quantity, lurking around the child to become a big hidden; on the other hand, students and parents lack basic knowledge stationery safe, especially some children in the purchase of stationery favor those exudes rich flavor, colorful, this Stationery more sold well, the more business purchase, companies will cater to the tastes of children and mass production.
Fortunately, there are a few parents realize the importance of the safety of the child's stationery, some people have not started to buy Japanese schoolbag yet? Allegedly, the standard Japanese primary school bag, not only scientific design, excellent quality, but also to protect the safety of children to the maximum extent. From the awareness of parents to protect the child's point of view, not hesitate to spend more money to buy high-quality stationery, it is a good sign, but they always make people happy, because after all, reflects the domestic stationery market development lags behind .
An alarming phenomenon, with the convenience and enhance the safety awareness of cross-border shopping, if the domestic stationery market is still flooded with substandard or even harmful stationery, then eventually there will be more and more parents lose confidence in local businesses, choose to buy other countries' manufacturing stationery, as people rush to buy foreign milk the same.