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Situation Analysis of stationery industry

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Situation Analysis of stationery industry

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Currently, they prescribe difficulties placed in front of China office stationery industry: on the one hand, the growing international trade barriers affecting the export stationery situation objectively caused a slowdown in industrial growth, putting pressure on the industry to give stationery ; on the other hand, along with the deepening of economic convergence, the internationally renowned stationery industry giants have settled in China competing, market competition will become more intense.
The increasingly fierce market competition and the introduction of the national macro-control policies, stationery industry will accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, will further accelerate the industry reshuffle, lower industrial linkage, low added value, low efficiency and backward technology, a very prominent structural contradictions businesses will suffer eliminated.
China's high-end brand stationery industry is still in a vacant current era. Domestic office stationery firm size is generally small, competitive capital markets, technology, and information are not very strong. Even though some companies have unique technology and techniques, but because of its brand advantage is not obvious, the market potential can not be fully realized. Furthermore, stationery domestic consumption has guided "technical standard" is also compared to "less rational" on the Chinese sanitary ware companies also slightly lost fair, can only cause people to suppress their own market, and foreign stationery brand of large-scale intervention, will It will exacerbate the conflict, so that the local office stationery manufacturers face unprecedented challenges.
In the wave of market economy, through restructuring and consolidation of resources, office stationery industry will also emerged a number of large-scale strength of large enterprises or enterprise groups, only these have the strength, has withstood the test of the market can continue to survive in business cusp; no strength, the company will rely on the wave of speculation in the market was flooded.
In the stationery industry, due to a variety of different brand positioning, a simple price war will lead to the end retail price disparity is not conducive to long-term development of enterprises. Therefore, the value of war rather than a price war, is the best way to survive the enterprise to be able to get more good breakthrough development.
With the rapid economic development, China has become the world's most growth potential in the consumer market. In the next few years, China stationery market will show a geometric increase in the number of level. This not only attracts international stationery manufacturers large-scale distribution, but also to many other Chinese enterprises to seize the industry category.
Changing consumer demands, and some stationery products appearance, comfort and function are also required to have more content and design level.