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Exhibitions Attended in 2019

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Exhibitions Attended in 2019

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Exhibitions Attended in 2019


² Frankfurt EXPO (26th- 29th January)

² Dubai Stationery EXPO(18th - 20th  March  )

² CNISE in Ningbo China(20th -  22th March  )

² Skrepka Expo in Mexico(18th - 21st March  )

² Canton Fair(1st - 5th May )


² India Stationery & Write Fair (9th-12th January )  

² Canton Fair(31st Oct - 4th November )


After attending the exhibitions, we met lots of regular customers and shew them new developed products, and knew some new companies in different countries and have started cooperation with them, also get knowledge on market new trends, which help increasing more business to our company.

Hope we will do better in 2020.