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Office stationery and students stationery while entering the terminal phase of the market is king

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Office stationery and students stationery while entering the terminal phase of the market is king

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Office stationery market tremendous business opportunities for many brands flock, so that the terminal market is fiercely competitive, as a fast moving consumer goods, can not enter the appropriate retail channels, not only unable to establish a brand, the enterprise is difficult to obtain sustainable development.
Companies seeking to expand their channels, marking the office stationery market has gone to the "terminal is king" era.
According to the National Industry Research Center data show that in 2012 China market size for children 0 to 12 years old has reached 1.32 trillion yuan, and in recent years, the children's market will maintain growth of around 15% of the 2015 children's market may will reach 2 trillion yuan of scale, with the implementation of the national urbanization policy, quality of life, more and more parents of students stationery also have higher quality requirements and a greater amount of demand.
In the terminal market, student stationery market presents international brand "oligopoly" situation, especially in a second-tier cities, the current local brands can be called one of the few national brands, and most domestic brands merely dormant regional market or are seeking national market.
In fact, most of the international big-name product positioning or for the high-end market for such a situation, office stationery manufacturers can demand for low-end families, open this market, because most families are in our current income side , high and low are in the minority, so the low-end market with great potential, its economic benefits will be enormous, Chinese enterprises should focus on the production of office stationery rise and sink in the channel brand, office stationery brand not to look beyond a second-tier cities, lower tier cities and rural markets are also the majority.
Currently student stationery market retail terminals to the department, local supermarket chains, specialty stores, wholesale markets, electricity providers, etc., it can be said, in the "terminal is king" era, almost to the office supplies channel construction industry has brought a revolution, a aspect is how to choose the brand of the channel, on the other end how to choose the right brand, which is perhaps the key to the sustainable development of the next stationery products.
Super department stores and office stationery products, with respect to a relatively mature channels, large output, sales volume and stable super system for local brands have a huge temptation, but the competition situation is most severe, a store often have multiple brands simultaneously competition, terminal scarcity of resources, promotion of human investment, in addition, some large supermarket chain stores, brands not only have to bear all costs, but also bear the sales posted during the unfinished task is cleared risk, electronic business platform developed in a second-tier cities have been recognized, and for low-tier cities in terms of their parents prefer tangible physical stores, such as supermarkets, wholesale markets and other stationery.