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Development Characteristics stationery market

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Development Characteristics stationery market

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(1) market potential, consumer purchasing power continued to improve
At present, the annual sales of stationery market in more than 120 billion, and to maintain sustained growth, being a commodity driven by the rapid formation of a large stationery procurement market. With China's sustained rapid economic development, especially to develop the cultural industry, all kinds of kindergartens and schools pay more attention to comprehensive upgrade teaching stationery, as well as families and individuals more and more attention to the cultivation of their children, the common pursuit of fun, educational phase learning stationery, stationery combination of constantly updated ideas, increase income to make stationery consumption continues to increase, the quality gradually improved. Our stationery industry is facing rapidly escalating consumer demand opportunities stationery market demand explosive growth in the macro-economic driven market is expanding, the industry outlook is bright.
(2) to personalized stationery, fashion and brand development
With China's booming economy, escalating consumer attitudes, consumption towards personalized stationery, fashion and brand development. Our students and trainees of various types of about 500 million people, with the increase in household income levels and increasing disposable income students, students stationery rapid market growth, showing a stylish, functional diversification, structural hierarchy, pluralistic grade oriented features.
(3) stationery industry has become an important part of the creative and cultural industries
Stationery because of its unique culture, and fashion factors, cultural and creative closely, preschoolers or students favorite cartoon image, animation, games, film and television, music, color and other popular fashion elements, can in a variety of new stationery fully realized. Stationery as a natural vector creative culture, stationery industry is realized with the creative design industry, animation and game industry, the arts and crafts industry and other high-end integration has become an important branch of creative and cultural industries, with a broad space for development.
(4) stationery industry competition dispersion, low concentration
The more than 8,000 stationery production enterprises with annual sales of nearly ninety percent of enterprises were lower than $ 10 million on sales of more than $ 100 million accounted for only 1%. Of the 90% of stationery manufacturing enterprises, more than 70% of the competition concentrated in low-end products, and the category is relatively simple, decentralized distribution of stationery manufacturing enterprises, industry concentration is low. Another of the uneven distribution of stationery manufacturing enterprises, presents "coast, less the mainland, south, less North" features.