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Do not let the issue hurt student stationery

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Do not let the issue hurt student stationery

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Say that a person has learned, people often use "stomach ink" to describe. Of course, this is just figuratively speaking, yet if the ink into the stomach to drink, not to increase the knowledge, the idea may give birth to sick. Not long ago, a high school student a Grade Two Nanjing, careless drink classmates mischievous mix of ink into the water, resulting in dizziness, chest pain, vomiting, doctors diagnosed phenol poisoning. Phenol that is, from mischievous students to use the "Yide Court," ink (investigation of counterfeit products).
In fact, if not mischievous students if there is a problem of ink long-term exposure, it will also cause health hazards. And ink, like any other stationery, as long as the existence of such problems are likely to bring health and safety risks to students.
Media repeatedly reported students swallowed the cap cause choking incidents, as the culprit of the cap are quality and safety products in question. National mandatory standards "student supplies General requirements for safety" provisions, pen, marker, correction pen, watercolor pen cap should meet the cap size (diameter 16 mm vertically into the gauge, the part not by more than 5 mm) , cap vent area (there is a continuous need at least 6.8 mm2 air channel on the cap body) and the cap air circulation (maximum pressure differential should be 1.33 kPa minimum ventilation capacity of 8 liters / min at room temperature) conditions. The reason why there is such a provision, is to reduce the risk of suffocation after a user swallowed. Obviously, those who manufacture or choking incidents cap size is not enough, or no pores, in short, is substandard products.
Hidden in substandard or counterfeit school supplies, there are many security risks, to be set out is actually very simple, as long as the control "student supplies General requirements for safety" provides reverse inference, which do not meet the requirements, it can be delineated as risks. For example, the "request" can not have a predetermined angular stationery, flash, can not sting, children with scissors to the top should be arc-shaped and so on, then the reverse inference, the text has corners, edges, sharp scissors to the top, it is easy to scratch, people stabbed so this is hidden. Of course, some risks are not visible, potentially, their increased presence in those new "creative" among the stationery, in particular, need attention. For instance, some businesses in order to satisfy the curiosity of younger age groups of students, the introduction of highlighter, eraser aromatic, light stationery and other stationery, stationery although these pretty fun, but its "creative" are mostly done by the chemical additives, they are likely to contain human health hazards caused by toxic substances.
Although parents are very concerned about the safety issues of school supplies, but they are mostly powerless, because they know little about the school supplies national standards (survey shows that 90% of people do not know the hole on the cap can be life-saving), As for the size of the required standards, they can not buy things in situ measurements with a measuring tool to see what meets the standards. In fact, this is living by the producers, sellers and market regulators dry. If the company is in strict accordance with national standards of formal manufacturers, vendors are strictly in accordance with the market regulate the operation of regular business, and regulators on the above companies do to regulatory responsibility, the students and parents just go to a regular mall to buy do not worry security quality school supplies.
The problem is that there are a large number of persons outside the formal informal vendors, regulators are also in place in addition to the time, made out promising but not any substandard products is likely to enter the stall, store, whereby security risks buried down. People may have noticed that in some residential areas and schools near the small stationery shop, they sell stationery visual large very rough, it is not seemingly regular purchase channels. Some stationery packaging can not see the words, even the manufacturers logo can not be found; "through IS9001" "conform to international standards." "Achieve European standards" and other rhetoric, ink off, how to see how like a fake; and like any "environmental health" "safe non-toxic" like text, the more people think it is telling their own stories, no credibility.
How to do? In addition to the usual experts as a reminder that "as far as possible to the regular large supermarkets to buy goods", the more important thing is, of course, government departments have to act together to strengthen the regulation of the stationery market, to create a healthy and safe learning for students surroundings.